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Subject to Council Approval

STCA – Subject to Council Approval. I’m sure that you have seen it on or but what does it really mean? 

If you see STCA on a listing, it means that the site has some sort of development potential or extension potential that may increase its value or perceived value but those changes require Council approval and are not an ‘as of right’.

For example: Development site (STCA), Multiple Dwelling Site (STCA), Subdivision site (STCA)…etc.

Just because a site has development potential ‘Subject To Council Approval’, it does not mean that you are guaranteed that result.

So what should you do when you see these four-letters and you do intend on doing some work on the property? I would give a local town planner or even Local Council a call to discuss the implications of what you want to achieve against the planning scheme. Even better, do a PropertEASE (PE) report to see if what the agent has listed as possible Subject To Council Approval is even realistic. For example, they may say that a property has subdivision potential STCA, but your PE report shows that you need an additional 150sqm to allow a subdivision so quickly you can assume it would be fairly difficult to gain the approval for the development. This can be further clarified by talking over the PE report and property listing with a professional consulting town planner.

By a real estate agent stating that something is STCA, it is them saying ‘You might be able to do this, but I cannot guarantee any result and it’s up to you, the buyer, to get the relevant approvals’.

This article has been written by Alexander Steffan from Steffan Town Planning.

Author: Alex Steffan

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning – Steffan Town Planning – 10+ years experience as a private consultant town planner.