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We’ll pay you money to refer us to your friends

Do you like making money? Do you know anyone that could benefit from using PropertEASE? e.g. a town planner or architect, or a real estate agent, or developer/investor, or a friend or family member. Well, we have launched a referral program where people can sign up using your coupon code and they receive a discount on their subscription, and you will get a % of their payments for the lifetime of their account. That means you could be getting up to $150 commission (incl. GST) if you refer someone to us who signs up for a year. EASY MONEY!

How does it work? We give you 30% of discount to play with. So you can get 30% commission, or 15% commission and your clients get 15% discount, or you can give your clients a 30% discount and you get nothing…

How do you get set up? Just download our agreement here, fill it out and send it to

Author: Alex Steffan

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning – Steffan Town Planning – 10+ years experience as a private consultant town planner.