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Redland City Council – City Plan 2018

I am happy to announce that PropertEASE now services the new Redland City CouncilCity Plan 2018 (only launched in October). After an in-depth review of the scheme, some note-worthy things below:

  • It has 46 different zones (incl. precincts);
  • No Local Plans (as they are absorbed into the Zones)
  • 12 Overlays (all quite standard)
  • There are no provisions for rear lot sizes which may provide opportunities for smaller rear lots?
  • Dual Occupancy developments can now be ‘accepted’ in some zones (i.e. no Council approval needed);
  • There are no provisions for a secondary dwelling/auxiliary unit;
  • The average height allowable over the region is between 8.5-13m.


Overall, I think the new City Plan is a great performance based scheme that focuses on achieving good planning outcomes and less on restrictive and specific Acceptable outcomes. A great win in my opinion. What are your thoughts?

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Author: Alex Steffan

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning – Steffan Town Planning – 10+ years experience as a private consultant town planner.