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The real cost for a subdivision

Can’t I just put up a fence and split my property title? As a development consultant and town planner, this is surprisingly a question I get quite a lot. I hear that a 1 into 2 subdivision usually costs around $60-70k in total but most experienced developers will budget at least $100k to be safe. But where is all that money spent?

Using a ‘1 into 2’ subdivision as an example (i.e. a ‘splitter’), I have listed some indicative costs associated with a taking the project from concept through to titling below. I will note that the below approximate costs do not include the cost of acquiring the property, mortgage/interest, holding costs, real estate fees…etc.

Stage #1: Town Planning Approval
PropertEASE report $47
Town planning Professional fee $3850
Town planning Council fee $3300
Subdivision proposal plan $1650
Concept infrastructure/services plan $1650
TOTAL: $10,497 (incl. GST)


Stage #2: Construction Design
Project management $6000
Operational works plans (engineering) $4000
Construction of Infrastructure $5000-20,000
Infrastructure charges: $28,500
TOTAL: $43,500-58,500  (incl. GST)


Stage #3: Plan Sealing
Surveying (identifying new lots) $3500
Plan Sealing $950
Government and Council fees: $3500
TOTAL: $7950 (incl. GST)


Stage #1: Town planning approval $10,497
Stage #2: Design and Construction $43,500-58,500
Stage #3: Plan Sealing $7950
TOTAL: $61,947-76,947 (incl. GST)

The success of a development can really be determined by the project team that you establish from the start. So who are the key people that need to be involved from the beginning? The key members of the team should follow:

• Private consultant town planner
• General engineering firm (e.g. civil and hydraulic engineers);
• Surveyor.

With the above combination, you should be looked after with most aspects of the development but some additional professionals may be required dependant upon the specific circumstances of your lot. For example, an ecologist, traffic engineer, arborist, noise consultant…etc. Nevertheless, once you’re ready to progress with a development, the first point of call should be a local town planner who should have some reliable contacts for you.

Author: Alex Steffan

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning – Steffan Town Planning – 10+ years experience as a private consultant town planner.